Spotlight on Management

promoting excellence in leadership and management methods

Spotlight’s mission is to empower our customers to enhance their managerial performance on an individual and an organisational level. We enable efficient and effective management leading to improved profit margins.

For individual managers

We offer mentoring and coaching with a view to strengthening your personal attributes and to helping resolve the complex issues we all face in today’s challenging environment. We make use of accelerated learning techniques, where appropriate, as an aid to developing truly talented managers.

For organisations

We offer a range of business strategy and process consultancy services, all aimed at improving the quality of management structures and methods. We place a positive emphasis on balancing business infrastructure, business strategy and the needs of management, employees, and other stakeholders. Lack of balance exacerbates negative stress and adversely affects company performance. For details refer to our management consultancy section.


  • 360° vision
  • Secure grip on its infrastructure
  • Precise, well-planned forward motion
  • Responsive to environmental change
  • Change of colour to suit its purpose
  • Lightning grasp of opportunities

All desirable attributes for any senior executive or entrepreneur!

Spotlight on Management can help you to perfect your chameleon-like qualities.




In all cases we seek to pass on chameleon-like management qualities and to keep in balance the competing requirements of the business and its people.

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Our Quality Code guarantees confidentiality and high standards of delivery, supporting our intent to provide exceptional business services for exceptional business people.

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Laura Dziaszyk, Managing Director


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