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What we do

Set up in 1987, Spotlight on Management Limited started out as a specialist consultancy subcontracting its  business process expertise to larger organisations such as IBM, Northern Telecom, and Equador Consulting. Spotlight took the business process lead in many major national and international transformation programmes – both re-engineering well-established companies and engineering from scratch significant new ventures.

Now we aim to make our skills available locally in the South East of England for a more reasonable consideration.

Management Consultancy

The main areas that Spotlight covers include strategic planning, business process (re-) engineering, project and change management, and the strategic issues around training and development.

We are responsive to clients’ requirements, adapting our approach to suit their specific circumstances. Our expertise is such that we are able to deliver more quickly and easily than most companies in this field. We prefer to guide rather than direct. As a consequence companies own and accept the outcome. Our emphasis is on satisfaction with the job in hand rather than selling the next instalment.

A salient feature of our approach is that management should be easy. We build in to all that we do management controls, feedback loops, exception reporting, and compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Business Adept Cards

Experience the new dynamic way of resolving business and career challenges. Activate your own self-help facility – your subconscious mind – with the help of Business Adept Cards.  The system is based on a robust business model and uses the power of images to stimulate your creativity.


Laura Dziaszyk, Director

Management Strategy, Structure and Process Specialist

Broad corporate background in change management, strategy development and business process engineering – a powerful combination of skills honed during a senior management career with British Telecom and later as a senior international consultant.

A passion for organisational cohesion, avoiding the silo effect and embedding high quality performance and management controls into routine activity.

Expert advisor and business process consultant on several £multi-million international projects for major players such as IBM and Nortel.

Co-creator of Corporate Signpost, a management toolkit for ideas generation, problem solving and decision making.

MD of Spotlight on Management Ltd and Corporate Signpost Ltd.


In all that we do, we stay focussed on our client’s strategic direction.  We pay attention to the human interface and company culture.

Our Quality Code underpins Spotlight’s service guarantee.

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